The Sunday Post #17 Stressful Rewind

I had the most stressful week possible and it ate into my weekend too (thank you accounting) So when Sunday hit, the pamper was about to commence. Usually I would have a bath but I didn’t have to time today so Instead a quick shower would have to suffice. 

So for my pamper session. I am going to start off by scrubbing the week off with St.Tropez Tan Optimiser. This leaves your skin silky smooth. Next up is Lush Snow Fairy just for it’s amazing smell think candy floss and pear drops. Mmmmm. 

Now onto face, I am going to gently exfoliate my face with Boots Botanic’s Purifying Face Scrub, This scrub is so gentle thank to it’s cream formula. 

And my lips have been so dry and flaky this week thanks to the cold weather so I am giving them a bit of a scrub with Lush Mint Julips Scrub. 

Obviously, I also washed my hair with whatever was in the shower. I also moisturised with the Garnier Instant Dry Gel but I forgot to include it in the photo (Sorry) 

What does your quick pamper look like?

Lauren x 

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