The Sunday Post #10 Tanning Routine

For this week’s Sunday Post, I thought I would tell you all about my tanning Sunday ritual. I tend to reapply my tan on Sunday because it’s the only day I am lounging about the house and warm enough to *gasp* take my clothes off and tan my body. The joys! Now as it is winter, tanning kinda takes a back seat. I only tan once a week now where as in the Summer it could be three times a week. I wish I could live in a warm, sunny country and be naturally very tanned unfortunately I live in Ireland and highest temperatures are usually 20C. 

But back to the point, this is how I achieve my fake Summer glow. I start off in the bath or shower, gentle exfoliating with my essential exfoliating gloves. I picked mine up in Primark.  Once my skin is silky smooth, I dry myself off and apply Garneir Summer Glow in Medium Dark.Once that is soaked in I give half an hour. I then apply the cheap as chips tanner St.Moriz. I have started to apply this with my hand instead of a tanning gloves which I personally think is easier but a tanning glove works just as well if your scared of orange hands. I segment my body into part such as left arm, right arm, tummy, left leg, right leg. After each segment I wash my hands. I leave my arms until last and carefully wash my hands so I don’t get any splash marks up my arms. If I am honest a tanning glove would be easier but my hands are just more convenient. 
I let this soak in before I put my dressing gown on. 

Then I go to bed a bit sticky and smelly like biscuits, but I wake up with tanned holiday skin so who’s complaining. In the morning I apply some more Garneir Summer Glow in Medium Dark to hydrate my skin. I apply this everyday as my moisturiser of choice. 

So ladies, who else is getting their tan on today?

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