The Power of To Do Lists 

Some people love to do lists, some people don’t get them and can do them mentally. I personally find nothing more satisfying than ticking off a to do list.

I break my to do list into sections. I use different colours for the,  so I have cleaning, college, irish sometimes blogging. I just section off what I need to do that day.

Under each section I write the task. I normally always write cleaning first as I like to get that out of the way and I am a firm believer in tidy desk tidy mind! I try to only spend twenty minutes  on each task so I can then move onto the next sometimes I need to go back to finish it but I work best in twenty blocks with a 10 minute break. Sometimes I do my cleaning in the break! I find it therapeutic.

Make sure you tick off everything you do and sometimes you do things that weren’t on your to do list and I write them in after too so you can see how productive your day was.

What are your thoughts on To do lists? Do you love them hate them?

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