Easy Tanning- St. Tropez In Shower Tanning Lotion

I am someone who hates putting tan! I just want to be tanned with zero effort and zero streaks! This tan – the St. Tropez In the shower Tan is perfect for no fuss easy tanning.

I would definitely recommend the medium colour. I feel like the light version is very light and doesn’t build enough for me to feel tanned!

So to use this tan, I firstly do my normal shower routine. Then I clip my hair up and get ready to start tanning. I put this tan all over me when you’re wet, don’t dry yourself beforehand and then I set a timer  for 3ish minutes! It doesn’t need to be rubbed in properly  just on your skin. Then all I do is rinse off in the shower and then dry off!

And that is it! I know some people will think this is more work which it is in the shower but there is no tan smell, you can put your clothes on straight away and the more you use it the darker you’re tan gets and it moisturisers your skin. So your killing two birds with one stone really!

The first coat definitely isn’t very dark but this tan is very buildable and gives you a really nice colour. Its what I wore to a wedding recently and it was perfect. I put on two coats!

What I love the most about this tan is that there’s never any streaks and its very natural!

Have you ever used this tan? Let me know!

The Sunday Post #17 Stressful Rewind

I had the most stressful week possible and it ate into my weekend too (thank you accounting) So when Sunday hit, the pamper was about to commence. Usually I would have a bath but I didn’t have to time today so Instead a quick shower would have to suffice. 

So for my pamper session. I am going to start off by scrubbing the week off with St.Tropez Tan Optimiser. This leaves your skin silky smooth. Next up is Lush Snow Fairy just for it’s amazing smell think candy floss and pear drops. Mmmmm. 

Now onto face, I am going to gently exfoliate my face with Boots Botanic’s Purifying Face Scrub, This scrub is so gentle thank to it’s cream formula. 

And my lips have been so dry and flaky this week thanks to the cold weather so I am giving them a bit of a scrub with Lush Mint Julips Scrub. 

Obviously, I also washed my hair with whatever was in the shower. I also moisturised with the Garnier Instant Dry Gel but I forgot to include it in the photo (Sorry) 

What does your quick pamper look like?

Lauren x 

The Review St.Tropez Tanning Mouse

excuse the origins face mask!

For Christmas I was gifted the St.Tropez travel three step system. I also went out and bought the full size, three step system in the Boots Sale. Hello half price St.Tropez! (bargain)

So this gave me the perfect excuse to try it out. I have tried the St.Tropez everyday body lotion before and I lurve it. So I couldn’t wait to try the three step system. 

So off I trotted to the bathroom and gave these products a go. First of all you need to exfoliate your body. For this the system includes a Body polish. It is quite a grainy scrub with no real smell. But its does what it’s meant too and my skin was silky smooth. I do however think you can do this step much cheaper with some exfoliating gloves and body wash. A personal favourite is soap and glorys.  So I didn’t hate it but I wasn’t overly wowed either. 

Then I applied some body moisturiser. And yes I love it. It is hydrating and smells rather lovely without being fruity scented. I cant describe it but again I think you can purchase cheaper moisturiser’s that do the same thing. I leave this soak in for an hour or two. 

Now as you can see I haven’t been too impressed don’t get me wrong they are lovely products but they are also extremely expensive and I am a bit of a budget girl. 

After waiting two hours maybe less, maybe more. I headed back to the bathroom to apply the tan. I have been using the mouse formulation just because it’s open I also have the gel but I haven’t tried that out yet. I section my body in to parts left arm, right arm, left leg etc. And for each of these sections I use one to two pumps. I personally don’t like to look too tanned at first so I apply a light-ish layer. I use a tanning mitt to apply and use buffing motion (basically rub it all in until you see no streaks) 

I apply this at night and try not to wash it off until the more sometimes I leave it longer if I can. 

The results of this tan where amazing, my bed sheets did not thank me. Hint – Got to bed in a full body suit. But back to the colour I wasn’t orange and I wasn’t pale. I had a gorgeous glow and natural tan. I absolutely love this tan and don’t know how I functioned without it. Although it is expensive. It is soooo worth it.  And it will last if your only using a few pumps. 

So that’s my St.Tropez story. I do plan on repurchasing this but without the body polish or moisturiser. 

Have you ever tried St.Tropez?

Lauren xox

The Sunday Post #13 The last 2012 Pamper

This is the last Sunday Post of 2012. So we better make it a good one with lots of pampering treats. 

This Sunday I have decided that I need to take me time and relax to look amazing on New Years Eve. We all want to look and feel our best going into the New Year so here is how I tried to achieve the results.

I started off by lighting lots of candles and running a rather lovely bubble with Soap and Glory Shower Cream, Once I was in I washed all my make up off with the Trilogy Cream Cleanser after my skin had air dried. I applied the Origins Out of Trouble Face Mask. I let it soak in for twenty minutes.  While my face mask was on it was time to pay attention to my body. So I exfoliated with a new product I am testing the St.Tropez Body Polisher  (a post will be up next week). Now that my skin was lovely and smooth. I just relaxed and read my book.

After I have taken the face mask off, I get out of the bath and apply the St.Tropez Body Moisturiser. While that is soaking in, I cleaned my make up brushes bit of a chore but I love clean make up brushes.  

Next up, it’s time for some tan. Bye pale skin. As the St.Tropez Tanning Mousse. Leaves my skin with a golden glow. After all that pampering it time to get into bed and get lots of beauty sleep. 

See you in 2013 my lovelies. I think it’s going to be a good year. 

Lauren x