Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

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At the Into the West Blogger Network (#ITWBN) event we were kindly gifted some Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics products to test out.

Ive heard a few Irish bloggers talk about youngblood but I had never really caught on to the bandwagon and tried them out. Now I have no idea why I didn’t try these. The two products I have trialled out above, are amazing and I don’t mean a little bit amazing. There awesome!

The foundation does look a little too dark for me but once I put it on, it blended into my skin perfectly. The shade I have is sun kissed, which would be perfect if your a NW20/25.  Youngblood’s Liquid Mineral Foundation is paraben and cruelty free! It leaves a silky and dewy finish.

This cream blush is the bomb dot com! I personally wouldn’t use it as a blusher because I never wear blusher and this is a bit too shimmery for me. But I have been using Champagne Life as a highlighter. It is a beautiful frosted pink. Its so beautiful on the cheekbones.

I can’t wait to try out more youngblood cosmetics. Do you have any favourite products that you love?



Sanctuary 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask

Sanctuary Clay Mask




Once a week I try to really deep clean my skin, the best way to do this is with a clay mask as they penetrate deep into the layers of the skin and draw the impurities out.

This clay mask as a thermal component too which means that when you apply it to your skin it slowly heats up and then its cools down once it’s set. The thermal feature is definitely my favourite. It is like having a hot water bottle on your face.

Once I use this mask I can see a dramatic difference in my skin. It is glowing and feels nourished.

£10.50/€13 from Boots

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer |The Review

Sc-3, concealer, make up, skin, flawless, laurenaalice, Laura Mercier,
Sc-3, concealer, make up, skin, flawless, laurenaalice, Laura Mercier,



After hearing that my beloved Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer may  be being discontinued. FYI it’s not. It was just due to popular demand that it was out of stock! Thank goodness! But on a bit of spending spree. Sorry bank! I decided to give the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer a whirl.

Why I bought it?

It’s heavy duty concealer promising to cover up all blemishes and dark circles you may have.

About the product?

There is two shades, One light and one dark. The consistency is very hard and doesn’t look like it would blend easily.

How I use it?

I take my ring finger into the  lightest colour. I use my fingers as they warm up the product which makes it easier to blend. I primarily use this concealer for blemishes and redness. I prefer to use a liquid concealer under my eyes.

On the blemishes I just tap this concealer onto it without worrying about blending it in just yet.  To blend it out I use a Real Techniques Dome shadow brush to just buff the edges, I don’t touch the actual blemish.

If I was using this under my eyes, I just take the lightest colour on my ring finger and blend it in with my finger. If it needs additional blending I will use the Dome Shadow brush as well.

My thoughts? 

As much as I like this concealer I think my €6 Collection one does the same job but cheaper. I also think I personally prefer liquid concealers. This is by no means a bad concealer  I just prefer liquid. The coverage of this concealer is good and doesn’t leave your blemish cake-y and dry considering it is a very dry formula.




Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer you can purchase it online  here

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Tips to Make your Skincare Last Longer


Use products to suit your skin type

There no point coughing up all that money when it doesn’t work for your skin. Your skin is never black and white. You could have dry skin but still be dehydrated. Foaming gels strip the skin so aren’t suitable for dry/dehydrated skin where as the are perhaps better for oily skin. Although I personally don’t like foam/gel cleanser. I think milk/cream/ balm cleanser are much better for the skin no matter what your skin type.

Apply the products in the right order

In the morning your skincare should look like this: cleanse, tone,eye cream (oils/serums create a barrier that eye cream can’t get through) , serum, facial oil, moisturiser, SPF.

In the evening it should look something like this: Cleanse to remove make up, cleanser to clean the skin, tone, eye cream, acne treatment if you have one, serum, oil, moisturiser.

Obviously not everyone will have all these product to do all the steps so just skip to the next one you do have.

Switch it Up

Most of us have a few skin product that we could swap for the ones we usually use. I always find that my skin looks better have I try new products. This doesn’t mean change it up everyday, but do try new serums if there lying around a little unloved.


Do you have any other tips for making the most of your skincare?

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DiorSkin Forever


This was my first ever high-end foundation. It has been sitting in my make up drawer a little unloved and empty. For some reason I just can’t part with it. Is anyone else this sentimental with their foundations?

This foundation in my opinion provides the perfect coverage (for me that’s medium) but it looks dewy and fresh. Nobody wants cake face around here. The consistency of the formula is very light and what’s great is that you only need a tiny amount to do your whole head, which makes it last a little longer. There is alot of shades to choose from. I am the shade 020, which is perfect for me!

Have you tried any dior foundations? I am a huge fan!