Tips to Make your Skincare Last Longer


Use products to suit your skin type

There no point coughing up all that money when it doesn’t work for your skin. Your skin is never black and white. You could have dry skin but still be dehydrated. Foaming gels strip the skin so aren’t suitable for dry/dehydrated skin where as the are perhaps better for oily skin. Although I personally don’t like foam/gel cleanser. I think milk/cream/ balm cleanser are much better for the skin no matter what your skin type.

Apply the products in the right order

In the morning your skincare should look like this: cleanse, tone,eye cream (oils/serums create a barrier that eye cream can’t get through) , serum, facial oil, moisturiser, SPF.

In the evening it should look something like this: Cleanse to remove make up, cleanser to clean the skin, tone, eye cream, acne treatment if you have one, serum, oil, moisturiser.

Obviously not everyone will have all these product to do all the steps so just skip to the next one you do have.

Switch it Up

Most of us have a few skin product that we could swap for the ones we usually use. I always find that my skin looks better have I try new products. This doesn’t mean change it up everyday, but do try new serums if there lying around a little unloved.


Do you have any other tips for making the most of your skincare?

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Mani Mondays #7 | My Nail Care Routine


For today’s Mani monday, I thought I would talk about my nail care routine. Now this is something that I have only started doing usually I just topped my nails off with the seche vite top coat. But after seeing the horrific ridges in my nails something had to be done.

I start off my routine by taking off my nail polish with Cutex Nourishing Nail Polish remover, I then give my hands a wash and apply some Essence Studio Nails 2 in 1 cuticle gel.. This helps to nourish my cuticles which I then removes the excess cuticle with my Boots Champneys Cuticle Cutters if its needed I push back my cuticles with the pink cuticle pusher but I usually don’t bother. Lastly I put on my Save the Nails base coat which has done wonders to my ridges. This is my second time applying this base coat and my ridges are completely gone. It is definitely a miracle product.

Have you started your nail care routine?