The Sunday Post #23| My Skincare Routine During and After Roaccutane

Here’s a little video for you guys on my skincare routine. These are the products I have found that work on my skin while I was on roaccutane and after I finished roaccutane. I hope you find this helpful.

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The Skincare Edit | Skin Problems Dry skin

I have extremely dry skin so ladies your in good hands with this skin problem.

My holy grail product for dry skin is without a doubt my Origins Overnight mask, which I love. I use it every night but on nights when my skin is super dry, I just put on a thicker layer.

In the morning my skin is usually quite hydrated thanks to Origins Overnight Mask so I have just been popping  on La Roche Posay Hydra-Phase moisturiser.

For any flakey bit you may have nothing beats Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream yes it’s a bit sticky but it works.


The Sunday Post #13 The last 2012 Pamper

This is the last Sunday Post of 2012. So we better make it a good one with lots of pampering treats. 

This Sunday I have decided that I need to take me time and relax to look amazing on New Years Eve. We all want to look and feel our best going into the New Year so here is how I tried to achieve the results.

I started off by lighting lots of candles and running a rather lovely bubble with Soap and Glory Shower Cream, Once I was in I washed all my make up off with the Trilogy Cream Cleanser after my skin had air dried. I applied the Origins Out of Trouble Face Mask. I let it soak in for twenty minutes.  While my face mask was on it was time to pay attention to my body. So I exfoliated with a new product I am testing the St.Tropez Body Polisher  (a post will be up next week). Now that my skin was lovely and smooth. I just relaxed and read my book.

After I have taken the face mask off, I get out of the bath and apply the St.Tropez Body Moisturiser. While that is soaking in, I cleaned my make up brushes bit of a chore but I love clean make up brushes.  

Next up, it’s time for some tan. Bye pale skin. As the St.Tropez Tanning Mousse. Leaves my skin with a golden glow. After all that pampering it time to get into bed and get lots of beauty sleep. 

See you in 2013 my lovelies. I think it’s going to be a good year. 

Lauren x 

The Review: Origins Out of Trouble Mask

Origins Out of Trouble Mask £20/€30.50

Face Mask in Progress

So this is a face mask I haven’t heard too much about in the beauty community. All I really heard was that it was good for active breakouts. And well, We all know my skin. It loves a breakout. 

So while I was up in Dublin (that’s where my nearest origins counter is, 2 hours from my home) I decided to pick this up. And I am so glad I did. 

My skin is extremely irritated at the moment due to medication and cream that I am on for my acne. So I am constantly wanting to scratch my face but I cant. Ladies don’t give in to the itch.  I am using this mask twice a week, mainly concentrating on my breakouts. It says to leave it on for ten minutes but I keep it on for twenty or more and it’s fine.  

After I have washed this mask off my skin feels soothed and not itchy. As well as extracting impurities, it has helped with the bumpiness of my skin. My skin after this mask is much smoother. 
This mask is not drying on your skin but it leaves it soothed and smoothed. What more could you want. 

As for my breakouts, I don’t think this mask does much for them, but I do think it helping to get rid of  my active breakouts slowly and reducing the scaring left behind by old blemishes. My face is more manageable and my breakouts are a little more controlled since I started using this mask.

I hope this helps…

Lauren x 

The Sunday Post #7 Moisturisers

Not only is Winter drying out my skin (I hate the cold) but also the acne cream I am using is really drying so my skin at the moment is not a happy bunny! 
These are the products I turn to to get my hydration on!
Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream This is a good all rounder product. I use it on dry patches, my lips, all over my body if I need to. 
For  a lighter moisturiser but  extreme impact I use Origins Drink Up Intensive mask. I leave this to soak in all night and in the morning my skin is hydrated and plumped up. 

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What are your moisture saviours?

Laurenaalice x