Gaeigle Picture Books

I found these two books in the bookstation for €5. Gaeigle can be very hard to teach but picture books can be a great aid and resource to help you in your Gaeigle lesson.

The children can follow the pictures and then put meaning onto the words you are saying and in the older classes reading.

The two books I bought are both my Niamh Sharkey – Stiúcaí Stiúgtha and Ar an mbóthar.

Both books I feel can be used at all class levels and you can tailor the lesson to your classes needs. For example in the older classes, you could read half the book and get them to finish it in groups and create their own ending and then at the end of the week you could read the actual ending.

How do you use picture books?

My Primary Teaching Journey with Hibernia College

hi everyone, I have been so bad at blogging this past year! I have been super busy but I am back with a little life update and some news about how things will be changing on

So a little life update for those of you who don’t know, I have begun my masters programme in primary teaching with Hibernia College. It has been a busy six months but I am enjoying every moment of it. It has been a big change moving to online learning and learning at masters level but I think  I have adjusted now!

On my blog I now have a new section called ‘The Classroom Edit’. This section is going to look at my journey into the classroom. I will share my advice, tips and tricks and just a general chit chat about all things teaching! I hope you like this new section.

I am also planning to do more lifestyle posts so if i go travelling or any organisation and life tips.

I am going to get back into beauty and make up but I have so many other passions now and I really hope you will enjoy all the new content coming your way!

If there is anything you want to see let me know in the comments! Id love to hear.

L x