Interview Tips and Questions for Primary Teaching Interview

Interview Primary Teaching


Congratulations you got through the first stage of the process so now your on to the second. This is the stage where you really have to show your passion for teaching.

I was invited to five interviews attended three of them and was offered a place on the course after all three interview so here is my advice.

Show off your passion – July and August should not be the reason you are going into teaching. I strongly believe teaching is a vocation and something you have to love day in and day out. Interviewer’s can see straight through you if you are going into teaching for the wrong reasons. Show off why you love it, how you want to make a difference. This is your only chance to impress.

Prepare – I am not one of those people who will write out answers to questions but i do believe you have to prepare in some way for these interviews you can not just walk in unprepared. I found some sample questions online and would practice my responses. Each time I worded it slightly different or added something else in so on the day of my interviews I had a well answered question that covered everything I wanted to say.

Dont stress about the interview. I saw the interview as my biggest chance to get into the course and I was not going to be intimidated and not get my place on the course. My experience of these interviews is that these people actually care and want to listen to you. Its also good to note that they do not want to hear answers you found online – DO NOT USE THEM!!!! Show of your personality as best you can.

One interview I had was very challenging the interviewers had a list of questions that were very specific and was hard to show off all the hard work in schools and with children I had done but you have to show it off and I did which I think helped me get in.

I am going to list some of the questions I got asked I know this is the main part of the blogpost you want to read.

Good Luck agus Go n-eirí an t-adh libh!


  1. Why do you want to be a teacher?
  2. What characteristics do you have to help you be a teacher?
  3. What would be your biggest challenge in a classroom?
  4. How would you overcome this challenge?
  5. What are the challenges faced by schools today?
  6. What are current issues in teaching today?
  7. How would you deal with a difficult parent/student?
  8. Do you work well in groups?
  9. How would you deal with a member of staff that was challenging you?
  10. What would your classroom look like?
  11. Tell me about your experience?



  1. Tell us about yourself
  2. Importance of Irish in the curriculum
  3. Hobbies / Past Times
  4. Part time job
  5. How would you promote irish


Good luck everyone! Tweet me if you need some more advice @laurenaalice

Primary Teaching Application Tips

This time last year I was just like you panicking about the daunting application process and how I would fit all my experience into a tiny personal statement. From my application I was accepted to all PGDE courses in Scotland and in Ireland my Hibernia application was accepted too. Here are some tips to help you with your application!

1. Show them how amazing you are! 

This is the most important thing in your application if they can’t see your passion for teaching they are not going to interview you.  This leads me onto my next tip.

2. Emphasise your experience 

You may think that grades are important and to some extent they are but the most important thing is that you show that you love working with children and have experience working with them. I have spent every summer working in an outdoor activity centre with small children and as part of my degree I was able to spend six months in a local primary school. First of all i described my experience and then I told them what I had learned from my experience – always be positive.

3. Show off your good traits

Tell them what sort of a person you are- hard-working, kind, approachable.

The first three points are vital for your personal statement, they show them what sort of a person you are and how dedicated you are to the teaching profession. 

4. Be organised 

For the actual application you need to be organised.

Before you open your application take note of all the key dates such as when it needs to be in for, when could you be called for interview etc.  Then I would write down all your colleges grades for every module and its name on a sheet of paper, all your leaving cert or A level grades.  Before I open your application I would also have your personal statement saved on a word docment so you can easily transfer it over.

Once you have it all ready I would begin your application.

The application process is not difficult you just need to show what an amazing teacher you will be and prove that you have researched it and have experience working with children. 

Be yourself and Good Luck! 

Next blogpost will be the interview process!