Some Tapas at The Olive Tree

Monkish Tempura
Patas Bravas


Last weekend, I went on a girlie date to an amazing tapas restaurant in Waterford. The Olive Tree opened last year and I have only been there once before.

The Olive Tree is a tapas restaurant so the idea is that you select 2 to 3 dishes per person and you can share them. I love this style of dining as you get to try loads of different things.

We went for the prawns in garlic oil, bruschetta which we could have done with more of we were so hungry! Monkfish tempura which is amazing. My favourite thing on the whole menu and patas bravas which is potatoes in a tomotoe sauce.

The food was all really nice. I would highly recommend you give this place a go and to end it with some yummy churros which we devoured so fast I never got a picture!

The Olive Tree’s Website 

The Food Edit | Raspberry Chocolate Cupcakes








Todays post is off the beauty trail but this is another obsession of mine. This weekend I made Raspberry Chocolate cupcakes and they went down a treat.

I started off by making a chocolate cupcake batter and popped it in the oven. The real magic happened after. I filled the cupcakes with raspberry coulis, and the iced them with butter icing that I died pink with a dash of red food colouring.

For decoration I melted candy melts and put them into moulds that I bought in a local cake shop. After being in the fridge for a half an hour. They were ready to come and placed on top of the cupcakes. And voila the easiest way to make cupcakes look good.

Death by Chocolate

This is not a beauty or fashion related post but I just had to share this with you. This was the YUMMIEST chocolate cake I have ever eaten and I made it all by myself with the help of my friend Betty Crocker! ( that girl knows how to bake)

So for this yummy cake you will need one Betty Crocker devils food chocolate cake (nothing else is as good), oil, eggs and water. 

All you do is mix it up, separate into tins and 30 minutes later at 200C its done. I let mine cool before icing it with Betty Crocker’s own icing. 

Trust me you just have to eat this cake!


Acne Fighing Foods

If you are like me and suffer from acne, treatments rarely work. Then some changes need to be made to your diet. Now I am not a particularly healthy person but luckily I don’t like alot of fast food apart from chocolate, I just go weak for a bar of chocolate!

I have had to make a conscious effort to include these acne fighting foods in my diet. It is hard but I am so happy with the results. It’s the little things that help your skin. I wish I had done this years ago, I may have less acne scarring if I did.

So today I thought I would share with you my acne fighting food in the hope that it might help your skin woes and the best part they keep you slim which is an added bonus 😀

1.WATER: So simple but there’s always something in the way of you drinking alot of water such as long trips etc. But honestly this is the easiest thing to make your skin brighter and more radiant. Plus your less likely to get spots. I find that after a week of drinking ALOT of water I’m talking more than your recommended eight glasses a day, my skin looks great. Just this step alone. If you do nothing else do this one. It’s so important. Also I found that with the acne creams I was using my skin was really dehydrated so this immediately helped the situation.

2.Food high in magnesium: such as oatmeal and brown rice. Magnesium helps to balance your hormones which is the cause of most acne problems. So swap white rice for brown rice. I personally think it tastes better, my mum disagrees.

3.Omega 3: Oily fish, flax seeds and I cheat with the capsules. They may not be as good but it’s better than nothing.  Omega 3 gives your skin an instant glow.

4.Selenium: found in almonds, onions and garlic. The selenium found in these foods helps to reduce inflammation.

5. Vitamin C: Oranges. Vitamin C helps with scarring and actively heals irritated skin.

Now I also have to finish with some big NO-NO foods.

1.Salty foods. Salty foods helps your skin to flare up and that is not what you want. Also salt causes bloating so not good for the waistline.

2. White foods: white bread, pasta,etc. The sugar in these foods causes your skin to flare up.

I hope this posts helps.

Lauren xo