An Indian Summer

Zara Floral dress Front zara floral dress back


I just can’t get enough of this Zara dress. I have worn it so much this summer.

It is perfect for evenings out as here in Ireland it gets really cold in the evenings so this has been perfect as my arms are covered! The shape of this dress is so easy going and is excellent for tapas dinners when its rude to not have two desserts!

The heels are also from Zara and although initially we didn’t get on, they hurt my feet so much we are now getting along much better and I can wear these into the early hours!


Florals in Spring

Zara Floral DressZara Floral Dress details

Another fashion post I know but I have just bought some really nice summer pieces that I’ve just had to share with you.

This dress is the perfect summer day/evening dress. It is fitted but flow-y so you can fit that dessert in after dinner 😉 You can’t see in the picture above but this dress has full length sleeves but as I live in Ireland I welcome the sleeves.

The print does everything for this dress from Zara (I know, I know)but you can also buy it in red, green and navy which I think I will be picking up.

Again this dress is paired with my trusty leather jacket from Zara and my Michael Kors Handbag.

What do you think of these fashion posts should I do more?

Marc jacobs daisy | The Fragrance Edit



Marc Jacobs perfume has to be the best selling fragrance line. His fragrance smell amazing. Im sure you already know this. This is my favourite version I have the original but I find it alot muskier where as this is ‘eau so fresh’. This scent is very floral and sweet which is just my cup of tea.