How to Master Winged Liner

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The Liner:

L’Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim in Black

The Trick:

Start in the middle of the eye and draw the thinnest line, so thin you barely know its there. Now Extend the line out to the end of the eye. Once you have a basic line, you can start make it thicker.

Now the hard bit, the flick. I find it easier to have my eye closed and just extend the line up and slightly up. When you open your eye there, the flick is usually ok but it will need a little bit of filling in and extending up.

The key thing is to take your time, don’t rush and i will look amazing.


The Art of Contouring



I am obsessed with contouring mainly due to the kardashians. Honestly this is the easiest thing you will ever master and you will feel great after it.

The products you need are;

a bronzer/concealer two shades darker than your skin tone.

a concealer two shades lighter than your skintone.

To achieve perfectly chiseled cheek bones, place the darker contour shade under your cheekbone from your ear to the middle of your cheek.  Highlight above your cheekbones to pop them out. I do these steps  everyday but if you are going out or want to be more adventurous  follow the picture above to really contour your face. Try and see if you can notice the difference.

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The Haircare Edit | Hair braids


I have been obsessing over hair braid’s for quite a while! I think they are the perfect hair style that looks really complicated to do, looks really sophisticated. I just love them if you haven’t guessed. The above pictures are a few of my favourite braid styles. I found them on weheartit.

After being inspired by a few braids, I took to youtube like I always do when I need help. There are so many hair braid tutorials, i am planning on doing my own but I am holding out until my new camera arrives!

But Here is a step by step guide for milk-maid braids.

1. Give yourself a centre part, the whole way down your head.
2. Braid your hair from under your ears to the end on each side.
3. Tie the braids.
4. Take one braid and bring it up across the top of your head, and clip it in place with a bobby pin/curby grip.
5. Do the same at the other side and bake sure you hide the ends of the previous braids.
6. Tuck the end of the second braid under the first with a bobby pin.
7. Viola your hair style is complete.

If you do this hairstyle please tweet me pictures @laurenaalice or tag me on instagram @laurenaalice.

The Review| Vaseline Spray and Go


This moisturiser is going to change your life. A spray moisturiser that disperses just enough product to cover your body with an even layer of moisturising goodness.

Can you guess that I love this product! The reason why I love this moisturiser is that it is so easy and quick to use. Moisturising is not something I particularly enjoy doing but I do try to do it everyday no matter what and this really helps to speed up the process.

Apart from the fact it makes moisturising so quick and easy.It moisturising properties are also really really good. I usually pop m moisturiser on at night and the next day I still feel moisturised, not greasy which is always a good sign.

Have you tried the Spray and Go moisturiser. You can find it online here and in moist drugstores, boots, and Supermarkets.

The Make Up Edit| Everyday make up


My everyday make up routine is pretty simple. I am in college 9-5, yes it kills me so I like to keep my make up simple and quick because who doesn’t love an extra 10 minutes sleep.

For my base I alternate between Dior BB cream ,MAC Prep and Prime BB cream and Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser. As you can see I am a lover of tinted moisturisers and BB creams. Thanks to the lovely Anna from Viviannadoesmakeup for all her recoomendations which then lead to purchases and my bank crying! After applying my TM or BB cream of choice I always use my Laura Mercier Pressed Mineral Powder to set it and add a bit of coverage. To define my chubby cheeks I use MAC Harmony as its easy to blend out and that is pretty much all I do for my base.

Onto Eyes, I usually sweep over MAC Cork which is a gorgeous yellow toned brown which just adds a little bit of definition and then I use my Shu Uemura Eye lash curlers and lots of Maybelline the Colossal Waterproof Mascara. For my eyebrows I use MAC Wedge to define them and that is pretty much all I do for my everyday make up. I always throw on a nude or a pink lipstick before I go out the door.

What do you use everyday in your Make up routine?

The products mentioned can be found at:
Shu Uemura
Laura Mercier