Max Factor Creme Puff Blush

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When I saw these  Max Factor Creme Puff blushes, I knew I had to have them! They are hella gorgeous and they promise to contour, blush and highlight. You can count me in. Like everything these day’s all products have to be multi-tasking so let’s see if it stand up to the test.

I NEVER wear blush so this is new to me. The reason why I don’t wear blush is because I am very conscious of the redness in my skin and tend to spend ages conceal in it, so I have never dipped into blush really as I always find it emphasises the redness and let’s be honest, who wants that?

These in my opinions are the drugstore version of the Hourglass blushes. Have you seen them? They are equally as gorgeous! But reading many reviews online I think these Max Factor blushes may give Hourglass a run for their money.

There are 6 shades in the range. From a peachy pink  to brown pink  to berry for deeper skinniness. There is a blush for everyone in this range. I chose 10 Nude Mauve. As you can see this is a brown-y pink shade which I thought wouldn’t bring out my redness. It doesn’t!

These blushes are very silky in texture and blend so well into the skin. And the shade is perfect. It bronzes the skin whilst adding the tiniest amount of peachy pink tones to add a flush of cover and the highlight is really nice. No disco balls to be found here! I really love this blush and for someone who doesn’t wear blusher that is a statement.

What other shades do you recommend from this range? They are €11.49 in boots and well worth the money!

A New Venture into Inglot

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Inglot was a brand that I was never really drawn to before, I didn’t know much about it and I was trying to fill up my MAC palette so always gravitated towards their eyeshadows and products, but after watching many tutorials with some Inglot products and walking past their store and seeing their make up artist make up. I knew I needed to pick some up.

These two products are actually all down to one lovely make up artist. here make up was fierce that day and I had to pick up what she was wearing!

I am planning on adding to my ingot eyeshadow collection so please recommend your shades in the comments or tweet me @laurenaalice.

The eyeshadow is a gorgeous burnt orange (number 363) now don’t be scared by the fact its orange! This goes on amazing and buff out to a gorgeous warm sunset on your eyes! Im obsessed with this through my crease and some gold glitter! Its the holidays you can be extravagant!

Another scary purchase is this teal eye liner! I know scary but this makes an amazing pop on your lower waterline once its blended out!

Inglot has really made me step out of my comfort zone and I can’t wait to try more products. Be brave and step out of your comfort zone you just might like it!

Revlon Color Stay Moisture Stain

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To get us in to the festive spirit I thought I’d show you my two favourite bold lip favourites for winter.
Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain Lip tints are incredible for creating an easy bold lip.

The colour pay off for these lip stains is really good. The colour on the tube is the colour it comes out on your lips as you can see from the swatches above. These feel really nice on the lips and as they are moisturising they don’t cling to your dry patches or separate throughout the day.
These lip stains last a really long time. I only reapplied after about 5 hours of wear which for a lipgloss. I think this really good. I’ve started using a lip liner under theses stains and that really prolongs the staying power! As for the texture of these stains, they feel so buttery and smooth! So much better than lipstick.

The two shades above are my favourite, I prefer the bolder shades in this range, the peachy nudes are not really my cup of tea from this range. The fucshia pink is 015 Barcelona Nights and the berry colour which is my personal favourite is 005 Parisian Passion.
I purchased my Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stains in Boots for €10.99/£7.99

The Magic of Lipstick

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“Cosmetics enhance, conceal or minimise. Lipstick Transforms” Poppy King, Vogue.

I think everyone remembers sneaking into their mums, aunts, grannies room and putting on their lipstick, usually there most loved. Why is it as young girls we always went for the lipstick, why didn’t we go for eyeshadow, concealer, foundation. There is something about lipstick that transform women.

Lipstick has the power to change your mood in an instant, did you know that during a recession lipstick sales increase. To me this shows that a lipstick no matter what your situation perks up your mood.

As much as I love wearing my pinky nudes everyday, there is something about put on a deep berry, blood orange or a daring purple that instantly make you feel like your on top of the world.

Lipstick has been around for years, during the roman empire is was a sign of your social ranking, In the 1930s and 1940s red lipstick showed power, strength and resilience. If there was time when lipstick was war paint in was the 1980s. 2000s saw lipstick disappear and lipgloss was the new thing, although to me nothing beats a good lipstick.

There will always be the fear that its too much, I can’t pull it off but put these insecurities aside and just wear it.

how do you feel about lipstick?



How to Master Winged Liner

winged eyeliner, black, simple, step by step



The Liner:

L’Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim in Black

The Trick:

Start in the middle of the eye and draw the thinnest line, so thin you barely know its there. Now Extend the line out to the end of the eye. Once you have a basic line, you can start make it thicker.

Now the hard bit, the flick. I find it easier to have my eye closed and just extend the line up and slightly up. When you open your eye there, the flick is usually ok but it will need a little bit of filling in and extending up.

The key thing is to take your time, don’t rush and i will look amazing.