Sony Lens G Review

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Anytime I whip out this camera I always get a million questions about it! Mainly because It is so different to any camera we normally see!

This is a Sony Lens G,DSC-QX10 basically what it is, is a lens that you clip on to your phone or you can have it free standing and it takes amazing quality photos and videos. It is so handy for blogging and vlogging as it’s so small you can bring it everywhere! The reason I bought this camera was because I wanted a fancy DSLR but couldn’t part with the best part of €500 for one, so this was my alternative.

I am so glad I bought this lens and heres why;

  1. So easy to use
  2. Photos automatically load onto my phone, laptop.
  3. Photos are clear and good quality
  4. Can use my phone, iPad as a viewfinder for filming video’s and taking blog pictures.

Lets get into the technical stuff but don’t worry I am a camera novice so lets understand what those fancy photography terms mean to you and me!

  • 18 mega pixels – How clear your image will be,
  • 10x optical zoom and automatic stabilisation, how far away your image can focus in on, and how stable the camera will be after your shaky hands.
  • HD Video

To control your camera you need to download the play memories mobile from iTunes or android. Its free don’t worry!

On Play Memories Mobile you can;

  • change camera settings my favourite is superior mode as in low light like winter and when your in restaurants the camera automatically adjusts the light so that the image is bright and clear. This has been a lifesaver for me!
  • You can zoom, focus. All the basic stuff!

The reason why I love this camera is because its not fussy obviously if you want you can adjust the camera to your own settings but for me I like the superior setting it comes with. Its such an easy camera to use sometimes having to attach your phone is a bit of a faff but the images are then on your phone so you can upload them to twitter, instagram, Facebook your blog. If your in the market for a new camera, I would check this one out,

Its €179 which I think is personally an amazing price for such a good camera!

You can find more details about the camera on Sonys Website


Purpose of a Duo-Fibre Brush



Duo fibre brushes are used to create flawless finish. Its does this by gradually building up the colour pigments and adding texture to your skin. To create a pixel perfect finish.

What are the hairs purpose

The white hairs pick up the pigment. The black hairs blend the pigment.

Whats products are they best for

Duo-fibre brushes are best used with cream, liquid or powder products.

Where to use them

I use my duo-fibre brush for applying highlighter and sometimes to apply cream bronzer as it really blends it out to an amazing finish.

Brow Talk: Pencil V Shadow

IMG_0470IMG_0472 IMG_0471 IMG_0470


Brows is something I am still perfecting and after trying brow pencil and shadows I have decided which one I prefer.

Brow Pencils ; I love brow pencils for their quickness and precision but I find them quite hard to use and sometimes they look very dramatic. The pencils I use for my brows are MAC Lingering brow pencil and Soap and Glory Brow Archery pencil in soft brunette.

Brow Shadows ; Shadows are something that take a little bit longer to apply but I prefer the result. I find they look the most natural and I get the best shape with a brow shadow. The brow shadow I use is MAC Mystery eyeshadow with a MAC 266 brush.

What do you prefer to use on your brows?




Charlotte Tilbury hits Brown Thomas Dublin

THE-DOLCE-VITA-PAGE pp-quad_the-dolce-vita_1 THE-ROCK-CHICK-PAGE



Seen as Charlotte Tilbury hits Irish shores  this month I thought I’d share with you my favourite pieces.

Just take a look at the Charlotte Tilbury website to see what dreams are really made of! Charlotte has detailed every single make up such as those shown above and has gone through in great detail what products she used and a video showing you how to use them.

Here are my top picks:

The Dolce Vita Palette – This palette is gorgeous I love all the colours! you can create some really simple and dramatic looks with this palette.

Matte Revolution Lipsticks – These are a new addition to the collection and these opaque lip colours are a winner

Lip pencil in pillow talk – the perfect nude lip liner

Feline Flick Eye liner pencil – Easy liner pen to create the perfect flick

Brush collection – perfectly soft and shaped for easy application for make up.


Those are my top picks take a look at her website and tell me what you like?

Tips to Make your Skincare Last Longer


Use products to suit your skin type

There no point coughing up all that money when it doesn’t work for your skin. Your skin is never black and white. You could have dry skin but still be dehydrated. Foaming gels strip the skin so aren’t suitable for dry/dehydrated skin where as the are perhaps better for oily skin. Although I personally don’t like foam/gel cleanser. I think milk/cream/ balm cleanser are much better for the skin no matter what your skin type.

Apply the products in the right order

In the morning your skincare should look like this: cleanse, tone,eye cream (oils/serums create a barrier that eye cream can’t get through) , serum, facial oil, moisturiser, SPF.

In the evening it should look something like this: Cleanse to remove make up, cleanser to clean the skin, tone, eye cream, acne treatment if you have one, serum, oil, moisturiser.

Obviously not everyone will have all these product to do all the steps so just skip to the next one you do have.

Switch it Up

Most of us have a few skin product that we could swap for the ones we usually use. I always find that my skin looks better have I try new products. This doesn’t mean change it up everyday, but do try new serums if there lying around a little unloved.


Do you have any other tips for making the most of your skincare?

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